Feminist sparks controversy with list of actions to deceive men into marriage

The young Nigerian woman contends that for women seeking marriage, it doesn’t require extraordinary behavior or effort to entice her country’s men into proposing. According to her, engaging in modest activities and adhering to traditional gender roles can easily sway men into marriage.

In her tweet, @DWhytewolf stated, “It’s so easy to deceive Nigerian men.. when you’re ready to marry. Start dressing modest. Reduce makeup. Cook. Be gentle, don’t argue too much. Stay home a lot. Don’t be on social media. Don’t drink or smoke. I swear you’ll deceive any of them that you are good. Lmao gullible lot.”

While some netizens condemned the advice as manipulative and regressive, others defended it, arguing that it merely reflects societal expectations and preferences. The controversy deepened as @DWhytewolf clarified that she doesn’t personally consider the listed actions as indicators of a good woman, but acknowledges that many men do.

“For those who don’t get it and are saying all sorts, I do not consider the listed things a mark of a good woman. Not in the slightest. The point is, men do, and hence you’ve given the blueprint to the women who would use it to deceive you. Say what you may, it’s the truth,” she added.

The debate surrounding gender roles, marriage dynamics, and societal expectations has intensified as the tweet gained traction, with individuals expressing diverse opinions on the matter. Some argue that promoting deceptive tactics undermines the integrity of relationships, while others suggest that it reflects the harsh realities of societal pressure on women.

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