Drama in court as man with AA genotype and wife (AS) fight over paternity of child (SS)

Appearing before Justice Funmi Asaolu of the Justice Court during a judiciary-themed reality program, the distraught man expressed his disbelief over the paternity of the child. He recounted how their son’s genotype test results consistently showed SS, despite the genotype compatibility of himself (AA) and his wife (SS), which, according to medical understanding, should result in a child with AS genotype.

The man revealed that suspicions arose when repeated tests confirmed their genotypes as AA and AS, respectively, yet their child’s genotype remained SS. Frustrated by the perplexing situation, he opted for a DNA test to resolve the uncertainty surrounding the child’s paternity.

During the court proceedings, the woman acknowledged her husband’s claims, admitting that she expected him to openly discuss his doubts about the child’s paternity rather than resorting to silent suspicions. However, she maintained that she had been faithful in her marriage.

In a shocking twist, Justice Funmi Asaolu announced the results of the paternity test, which unequivocally revealed that the man was not the biological father of the child in question. She then adjourned the case, with an order that a separate NDA be conducted on the child in question and the mother to help arrive at a just ruling.

The revelation sent shockwaves through the courtroom, highlighting the profound impact of genetic testing in resolving complex familial disputes.

The case highlights the importance of transparent communication and trust in relationships, as well as the pivotal role of DNA testing in verifying paternity.

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