NPP is the only party that cares about Ghana’s well-being — Kofi Jumah

He asserted that Ghana owes a considerable debt of gratitude to the NPP, without whose contributions, the nation’s progress within the context of the 4th Republic would be markedly diminished.

He said “It will be very difficult for the public to accept this statement from me, but I sincerely believe within my heart that the only party in Ghana that really has Ghana at heart, is the NPP. That is my sincere belief.

“My father was CPP regional secretary for the Ashanti Region, so I have background in CPP. I was a young pioneer, but I’ll tell you, even my father, during his latter days, used to say this: without NPP, Ghana would be nowhere. It’s a miracle that we’ve put together people who have the thinking like that; they are not angels but they are far, far better than any alternative you can think of.”

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