Empress Gifty advises ‘side chicks’ not to get pregnant for their sugar daddies

In the words of the crooner cum fashionista, “If you are a side chick, don’t get pregnant for somebody’s husband.”

Asked whether it is right for ‘side chicks’ to go after married men, she said “it’s many in the bible. Go and read about Abraham, it is not a new thing.”

“But I am saying do not go for somebody’s husband and get pregnant for them,” she reiterated on TV3’s New Day on March 18, 2024.

She further stressed that her opinion is already been documented in the Bible claiming that once a ‘side chick’ gives birth for a married man, he will discard the ‘side chick’.

“…if you get pregnant or gives birth for him [the married man], he will discard you,” she added.

According to her, some married men get attracted to side chicks because they have been destined by God as helpers to support some ‘side chicks’ in financial distress.

“Sometimes married men are destined to be helpers or supporters for side chicks who are facing difficulties in life. They are not to be snatched from their wives. So you don’t have to go snatching them from their wives rather play around,” Empress Gifty urged ‘side chicks’.

Empress Gifty suggests that some married men may be destined to help struggling women financially, but urges ‘side chicks’ not to interfere in marriages and instead play safe.

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