We’re searching for Chinese prisoner our officers helped to escape – Prison Service

However, to the shock of the officers, the convict and his spouse purportedly fled through the balcony of the room while the officers remained unaware in the hotel reception area.

In light of this audacious escape, Joseph Oteng and Sergeant Isaac Boateng Bonsu, the implicated prison officers, now face formal charges of conspiracy and aiding escape.

Abdul Latif Adamu, the Head of Public Relations at the Ghana Prisons Service, reassured the public of the institution’s unwavering commitment to recapturing the escaped convict. Speaking on behalf of the Ghana Prisons Service, Adamu emphasized the ongoing efforts to locate and return the fugitive to custody.

“Our search party is still on the field,” stated Adamu. “We have gotten a lot of intelligence information leading to where the convict can be gotten. So I can tell you that the search party is still not resting.”

Adamu further elaborated on the significant intelligence gathered by the authorities, expressing optimism that with concerted efforts, the escaped convict would be apprehended and brought back into custody.

The escape of the Chinese convict has raised concerns regarding security protocols within the Ghana Prisons Service, prompting a reevaluation of procedures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The Ghana Prisons Service is urging anyone with relevant information regarding the whereabouts of the escaped convict to come forward and assist in the recapture effort.

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