Sonnie Badu says about 78% of gospel musicians and bishops in America are gay

He added that once we get to identify these people and know their true sexual orientation, we as a nation may never want to listen or sing any of their songs again.

He says if the names of these persons become public, we may never invite them to the country again. With the rate at which indoctrination of the rainbow community is spreading, he says he has banned his kids from watching YouTube.

“Personally, in my house, my kids don’t watch YouTube anymore. There isn’t any content without propagating the LGBTQ+ agenda. Even with Disney World, there is nothing innocent being shown anymore, even though their attempt is subtle, it has lasting effects on the young viewer, he said.

In America, about 78% of gospel musicians are gay. When you find out these musicians’ identities, I am sure churches in Ghana will stop playing their songs.

An American gospel musician told me one time at a gospel show that he is aware of my sexual orientation, so whatever I witness during the show, I should keep it to myself. This is a big thing in the US, even with Bishops that many look up to, many of them are also gay”, he added.

Meanwhile, the anti-LGBT+ Bill passed by parliament on February 28, 2024, still awaits presidential assent.

The Bill aims to make it illegal to practice or promote LGBT+ activities, and prosecutors could face 3 to 5 years in prison.

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