Many pastors in Ghana are womanizers, drunkards and thieves – Prophet Oduro alleges

Expressing deep dismay, Prophet Oduro condemned the behaviour of certain ordained ministers who, despite their marital vows, engage in extramarital affairs, alcoholism, and theft, deviating from their supposed role as spiritual leaders.

“Many pastors in Ghana are womanizers, drunkards and thieves. I thought when someone reaches the age of 50 and above they don’t have lust anymore, but these days 60-year-old men are taking sex enhancement drugs for sexual pleasure,” asserted Prophet Oduro in the video. He expressed incredulity at the prevalence of such behaviour among individuals who are expected to uphold moral values and lead by example.

The prophet didn’t limit his criticism solely to pastors, but also extended it to male politicians, alleging that some resort to using sex-enhancement drugs to engage in illicit relationships with young women, all while neglecting their spouses.

“There are some male politicians in Ghana who take drugs to have intercourse with young girls while their wives are available,” the popular man of God lamented.

Highlighting a disturbing aspect of the situation, Prophet Oduro suggested that the pursuit of younger partners by these men might stem from dissatisfaction within their marriages. He speculated that some men seek out younger women who can fulfil their desires for certain sexual practices that their wives may not engage in, ultimately leading to heartbreak for all parties involved.

“I think it’s because their wives cannot perform some sex styles, so they go for young girls who would give them that pleasure, and the same girls would break their hearts,” he opined.

The prophet’s remarks have stirred debate within the religious and political spheres, prompting discussions about the moral integrity of leaders and the responsibilities that come with positions of authority.

While Prophet Oduro’s allegations have yet to be substantiated, his outspoken commentary has reignited conversations about the need for accountability and ethical conduct among Ghanaian pastors and politicians alike.

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