Man allegedly loses penis after shaking shoemaker’s hand at Kasoa

Eyewitnesses recounted a large crowd gathering at the scene as news of the bizarre incident spread like wildfire. Some onlookers, fueled by anger and suspicion, attempted to take matters into their own hands by threatening to harm the suspect, Bukari.

Local authorities swiftly intervened and arrested Bukari, who was subsequently handed over to the Kasoa Central District Police Command for further investigation. Reports suggest that Bukari endured physical assault before being taken into custody.

This alarming occurrence is not an isolated incident in the area. Recent reports have surfaced of similar cases where men have claimed to have lost their manhood after innocently shaking hands with strangers in Kasoa. Just last week, a 47-year-old Pragya rider allegedly suffered the same fate after interacting with a shoemaker.

In an interview with Kasapa News’ Yaw Boagyan, concerned residents expressed their shock and concern over the recurring incidents, highlighting the need for urgent action and heightened vigilance in the area.

Authorities are working to uncover the truth behind these mysterious incidents plaguing Kasoa as the town has already gained notoriety for criminal activities.

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