Fake policeman who had arrested civilian finds himself apprehended by real officers

Avorgah faces charges of deceiving a public officer, impersonation, and possession of police accoutrements without lawful authority. Reports indicate that Avorgah had taken it upon himself to arrest an individual and transported the victim to the Holy Garden Police Station under the guise of being a police officer. However, his inability to provide accurate details about his supposed role as a law enforcement officer raised suspicions, ultimately resulting in his arrest.

At the time of his apprehension, Avorgah was attired in a police camouflage uniform and was found in possession of various police accoutrements, including a pair of handcuffs, a taser, a pouch, and two mobile phones. Further investigation led the police to Avorgah’s residence at Berlin Bridge in Nima, where a search yielded additional incriminating evidence, including security belts, black police uniforms, a black round hat, a blue-black cardigan, and a picture frame belonging to the suspect.

The Ghana Police Service is currently processing Avorgah for court, where he will face the aforementioned charges.

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