Prepare for more power outages, ACEP to Ghanaians

The country has been grappling with sporadic power outages, commonly referred to as ‘dumsor,’ which have had detrimental impacts on businesses, households, and essential services. These outages have been attributed to various factors, including insufficient generation capacity, transmission bottlenecks, and challenges in fuel supply.

In a recent statement, Mr. Boakye, speaking on JOY TV’s Newsfile, disclosed that political interference in the procurement of gas for thermal plants has exacerbated the situation. He highlighted the unsustainable nature of the government footing the bill for fuel purchases to keep the lights on, emphasizing the need for a more viable long-term solution.

“If the government buys fuel today, we can have the power running, we can have the lights on. But it is not sustainable for the government to be doing that.

“It is not sustainable for us to be sacrificing the budget to be paying for the fuel. Even if we were going to give the fuel to ECG and they guaranteed that they would sell the power and recover the money, it wouldn’t be a problem,”

According to ACEP, the current situation calls for urgent action from policymakers, regulators, and industry stakeholders to avert a prolonged period of power instability.

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