Maddy Maznaz out with a double release titled Sing for Baba and Telemor

In the heart of city, there lived a musician named Maddy Maznaz.

Her melodies, born from the depths of her soul, echoed through the streets, enchanting all who heard them.

Yet, despite her talent, Maddy Maznaz harbored a yearning for something more—an elusive dream to share her music with the world.

Her new songs, titled ‘Sing for Baba,’ and ‘Telemor’ captured the essence of Maddy Maznaz’s journey—a testament to her longing, her passion, and her resilience.

Maddy Maznaz Sing for Baba
Maddy Maznaz Sing for Baba

‘Sing for you Baba,’ she said is her desire to bring joy to God through her singing, believing in the power of praise and worship to make Him smile.

Regarding her second song, ‘Telemor,’ Maddy describes it as a love-filled tribute to her partner, symbolizing their shared bond and trust.

When questioned about her aspirations for both singles, Maddy hopes they become global anthems, touching souls, spreading joy, and healing through the medium of dance, worship, and praise.


Maddy Maznaz’s single spread like wildfire touching the hearts of listeners far and wide.

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