GACL halts $20 fee on round-trip airline tickets for KIA travelers

Despite scheduled meetings to address the matter further, the GACL has opted to halt consultations on the $20 charges. GACL in a statement released by the company, acknowledgment that travelers’ and stakeholders’ concerns prompted the suspension of the fee.

He questioned the authority of the Ghana Airports Company for imposing such fees and called for accountability from the Minister of Transport.

“What authority does the Ghana Airport Company have to impose fees, and are these charges consistent with the Fees Act approved by the Parliament of Ghana? Mr Speaker, this will cost Ghanaian travelers from abroad to Ghana.

“Mr. Speaker, I think that the Minister for Transport will have to be hauled by you to this House to explain the authority of the Ghana Airports Company and to explain to Ghanaians where he had the authority and mandate from,”

However, Dr. Stephen Amoah, MP for the Nhyiaeso Constituency, cautioned against politicizing the issue, emphasizing the need to adhere to legal procedures. He expressed support for parliamentary intervention but urged colleagues to avoid politicization for constructive dialogue.

In response to the situation, First Deputy Speaker Andrew Amoako Asiamah presided over the House and ruled that the Transport Minister should appear before MPs on March 19 to provide clarification on the matter.

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