We don’t need EC’s permission to use drones during 2024 elections — NDC

The primary objective, as stated by Ashie Moore, is to safeguard the security of the party’s two million plus votes and enhance monitoring measures to prevent potential irregularities.

Ashie Moore revealed that comprehensive plans are already underway, including the training of personnel responsible for operating the drones.

But the EC said disclosed that the plan by the NDC in the Greater Accra region to deploy drones will not be possible.

The EC emphasized that such a move would constitute an invasion of voters’ electoral privacy and a breach of security protocols, and thus, it will not be allowed.

However, Ashie Moore insisted that the NDC doesn’t need permission from the election management body to use drones for surveillance on the election day.

Speaking on UTV, he said the drones would not be used at polling stations as feared by the EC because it might lead to a violation of the right to a secret ballot.

“This is one of the strategies that I want to use in my region to monitor the operation, to monitor things that I’ve seen during the limited registration. So that if someone is planning something untoward, he would know that Big Brother would be watching him.

“I don’t need permission from the EC to fly a drone when I’m going to bury my dead mother… in the statement I made I did not say that I would fly a drone on top of a polling station. I said this election we would use drones to monitor my polling agents, to monitor my prompters, to monitor to ensure that whatever assignment I have given is being done.”

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