Agric Minister reveals why lovers of Kenkey should rejoice as price reduces

He mentioned that Kenkey now averages around GH¢2 per serving.

He encouraged farmers to engage in the registration for Phase Two of the Planting for Food and Jobs program to enhance food production across the nation.

Speaking on Citi News, he said “There is a lot of maize out there too and if you look at the price of maize on the market, it tells you that there is a lot of it out there and that is why the price of Kenkey is going down.”

He stated that “The average is about GH¢2 and GH¢3. I can get you Kenkey for GH¢2, I can get you Kenkey for GH¢4, I can get you Kenkey for GH¢5.”

According to The Kenkey Index, the GH¢2 price for a serving of Kenkey, a traditional Ghanaian dish made from fermented white corn, was discontinued in Accra as early as November 2022.

By November 2023, one-third of Kenkey vendors in Accra were selling their product for GH¢5.

It highlighted that Teshie remained the sole location where kenkey enthusiasts could purchase a serving for GH¢2.

The Kenkey Index, spanning from August 2022 to December 2023, was compiled using kenkey sourced from 30 to 40 establishments (subject to availability during each collection period) across the Accra Metropolitan Area.

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