Labour Commission drags GES, Education Ministry to court over UTAG members’ allowance

Earlier this year, lecturers at the University of Environment and Sustainable Development, who are members of UTAG, embarked on a withdrawal of services to protest the non-payment of their allowances, which had been outstanding for over a year.

Following the withdrawal of services, the NLC convened meetings involving UTAG representatives and officials from the ministries of Education and Finance to address the issue. However, despite the Commission’s 2023 ruling directing the payment of the allowances, the GES and MoE failed to adhere to the directive.

Mr. Ofosu Asamoah, the Executive Secretary of the Commission, expressed the necessity of the lawsuit to compel the government to settle the arrears owed to the lecturers. “The respondents were here, and we asked have you complied with the directive? They said no, so we have taken them to court,” Mr. Asamoah explained. “The law states that we should go to court to seek enforcement, and that is what the Commission has done. They have to go court to explain to the court why they have not complied with the directive and if their explanation is tenable the court will decide.”

He further elaborated, stating that the respondents would have the opportunity to present their explanations in court, and the court would ultimately decide on the matter.

Despite the legal action, the aggrieved lecturers have resumed their work, emphasizing their commitment to resolving the issue through appropriate channels.

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