Ghanaian celebrity couples using the Tshwala Bami dance challenge to express love

Celebrities like Stonebwoy and wife, Afua Asantewaa of sing-a-thon fame , Kalybos and his wife etc. have posted clips of their selves showing off their dance moves on social media pages.

  1. Stonebwoy and his wife Louisa

Ghanaian music sensation Stonebwoy and his wife, Dr Louisa, decided to join in on the fun, attempting the latest dance craze to hit TikTok, the tshwalabami dance, a robotic-style movement that has taken the platform by storm, resulting in an adorable video.

The video showed the couple attempting the viral dance challenge with much enthusiasm. The tswalabami dance requires participants to move their shoulders and other body parts in a stiff, robotic manner, a task that proved to be quite the humorous challenge for Stonebwoy and Dr Louisa.

2.Kalybos and his wife Antwiwaa

Ghanaian actor Kalybos and his wife, Antwiwaa, displayed their goofy side while attempting the viral dance challenge.

Kalybos and Antwiwaa twinned in matching oversized sweaters and hair bonnets in different colours. However, the actor wore a pair of trousers underneath the oversized sweater.

3.Harold Amenyah and his wife Irene

Ghanaian actor, Harold Amenyah and his wife joined the trending TikTok dance challenge.

The two love birds goofed around while doing the viral.

4.Afua Asantewaa and her husband

Afua Asantewaa of Guinness World Record fame and her husband, Kofi Aduonum, participated in the viral Tshwala Bami dance challenge.

Afua Asantewaa and her husband decided to participate in the Tshwala Bami viral dance challenge by South African musicians TitoM and Yuppe.

The video started off with the GWR sing-a-thon star displaying her moves, and her husband, eager to showcase his, pushed her aside and started to dance.

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