YOLO star ‘Drogba’ suffering from pain and double vision with right eye- Sister reveals

One major issue highlighted by Hannah is Drogba’s ongoing battle with double vision and pain in his right eye. The actor has been receiving weekly treatments at the hospital, and the family is eagerly awaiting the results of tests that were conducted abroad for a comprehensive diagnosis.

“In his last season, he was not performing like he used to do in the previous season. He tried to act but could not. So, he has been in the house,” Hannah shared during the interview.

“Right now, we are in the hospital because of his eyes. He is having double vision with the right eye, and he’s having pain with it. We come once every week for treatment and medications prescribed.”

The family recently underwent a procedure for the extraction of fluid from Drogba’s spine, and they are currently awaiting the results of tests conducted outside Ghana for further insights into his condition.

In an official statement posted on Drogba’s Instagram page last week, the actor revealed that he has been diagnosed with a Demyelinating Disease and has been undergoing treatment for the past two and a half years.

Seeking financial assistance for his ongoing medical needs, Drogba expressed gratitude for the support received from fans and well-wishers.

The YOLO star’s health struggles have garnered widespread attention, and fans are rallying to support him during this challenging time.

Demyelinating diseases are a group of conditions that damage the myelin sheath, the protective layer surrounding nerve cells. This disrupts the transmission of nerve signals, leading to a variety of neurological symptoms.

Demyelinating diseases cause nerve malfunction by damaging the fatty insulation around them, leading to issues with movement, sensation, and thinking.

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