I prefer my beans with plantain chips – Berla Mundi

To enhance the dining experience, she and her peers would visit a nearby shop opposite the dining hall to purchase plantain chips, creating what she described as a delightful combination.

She emphasized the satisfying nature of the combination and admitted to enjoying it without the traditional addition of gari.

“I remember when I was in school, they would give us beans every Wednesday or Thursday, so I used to go and buy plantain chips,

So in Motown, just opposite the dining hall, there was this shop that we bought from, so we just bought and added it to it. “

The discussion took an interesting turn when AJ Sarpong, another participant on the show, shared her own experience with the term “Gob3,” revealing that she had always associated it with the dish red-red.

AJ explained that she initially perceived “Gob3” as beans stew and soft plantain unaware of the practice of consuming raw beans with oil.

“It was always stew, so it was very interesting to grow up and realize that people eat raw beans with oil,” AJ Sarpong remarked

AJ went on to reveal that it took her about two years to adjust to the plain beans concept, underscoring the contrast between her childhood understanding of “Gob3” and the reality of consuming raw beans with oil.

“Gob3”, a Ghanaian dish of beans and gari, is a tasty and budget-friendly meal.

Traditionally simple, it’s now enjoyed with exciting additions like fried plantains and eggs.

while Plantain chips are crunchy snacks made from thinly sliced, unripe plantains. They’re traditionally deep-fried but can be baked for a healthier option.

This revelation by Berla Mundi of combining the beans with plantain chips sounds like a whole new delicacy to many.

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