Ex-Oti Regional Minister now Bawumia’s campaign manager for Persons with Disabilities

Makubu’s role, as articulated by Aboagye, is crucial, with expectations that he “will spearhead efforts in mobilizing and rallying all Ghanaians with special needs to support the vision of the flagbearer.”

Highlighting the accomplishments of Dr. Bawumia’s advocacy for PWDs since 2017, Aboagye disclosed, “Since 2017, through the advocacy of the flagbearer, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia; the percentage allocation for the Persons with Disability under the DACF has been increased from 2% to 3%.”

Further illustrating the tangible support provided, Aboagye stated, “A total of GHc331,185,775.86 has been disbursed since 2017 to for Persons with disability across the 261 MMDAs of which 59,040 Persons have been supported.”

Regarding future plans, Aboagye emphasized Dr Bawumia’s commitment to consolidating policies for Local Economic Empowerment, asserting, “As we approach 2025, Dr Bawumia is committed to consolidating the policy of Local Economic empowerment for citizens with special needs, with the single objective of creating a sustainable form of livelihood and contributing towards the growth of the economy.”

The appointment of Makubu and the continuation of initiatives under Dr Bawumia’s leadership signal a strategic effort to ensure that the voices and needs of Persons with Disabilities are not only heard but actively addressed within the NPP’s campaign agenda.

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