Check out the hotel allowance, per diem for GNPC management and board members

He stated that in 2022, when Ghana’s economic crisis worsened, the Board Chairman, Freddie Blay, the Chief Executive, Board Members, and External Committee Board Members approved new rates as per diem and hotel rates, contrary to the government’s assurances to Parliament of a general pay-cut.

Additionally, the daily hotel rate allowance has been raised from $400 to $1000, €400 to €1000, or £400 to £1000 for all members.

Furthermore, per diem for the Board Chairman has increased from $500 to $850, €500 to €850, or £500 to £850. For the CEO and other board members, the per diem has increased from $500 to $700, €500 to €700, or £500 to £700, based on the travel destination.

Ablakwa argues that it is necessary to regulate the discretion of boards and CEOs of State-Owned Enterprises to determine their own salaries and allowances without parliamentary approval.

This is especially important when most SOEs are being mismanaged and making huge losses.

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