Woman cries for prayer, says any man who dates her dies in 3 months

Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English, Gloria recounted how the bizarre developments started. She said she started life normally as any other young lady with hopes of settling down with a man and creating a family.

“To be honest, this is difficult for me to talk about. I used to meet guys just for fun, but just like many people, I wanted to get someone special, get married, and have children and start a stable family. But luck wasn’t on my side. I met my first boyfriend and we were deeply in love. We got married in a big ceremony. Just one month later, my husband passed away. He went to work as usual but died instantly in an accident. After his death, my life turned difficult and I started to lose my joy. His death was hard to accept, but as time passed, I slowly found happiness again,” she recalled. She continued: “I later found a new man who cared for me and he became my fiancé. Then, three months after we planned to start life together, he died after a sickness. At this point, I started getting scared because that was the second time a thing like that happened to me. I didn’t blame myself because we never had any major issues before his death.”

It was at this point Gloria started getting worried, wondering if she was cursed or if there was any problem in her family history. “A third man came into my life and loved me so much but died after three months. And then the fourth one too followed the same trend. I became more worried because I didn’t know what was happening to me and if it was my fault. I decided to stop getting into relationships because I thought the men were dying because of me dating them,” Gloria added.

Having waited for a long time, she decided to venture into another relationship, hoping it would work this time around, but she was wrong. “Last year, I started dating someone new, which was the fifth guy, and we stayed together for three months. We loved each other and had a good relationship over the period and I was hoping we would have a good life together. We got married and everything seemed right until three days after the marriage when my husband complained of a headache and went to sleep. His condition worsened at night and while rushing him to see a doctor, he died on the way.”

After her lover’s burial, Gloria, out of frustration and confusion, decided to get help from religious leaders because she simply couldn’t figure out what the problem was. At one of the churches, she met a man called Emmanuel, who was good to her and was willing to assist her in prayer and other things.

Some people, including neighbours and families of the guys who died while dating her, call her a witch, but Gloria insists she is not one. She says she once contemplated taking her life but thought it was not the best solution, so she decided to pray and focus on God for a remedy.

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