The exciting life of Ghana’s rich and famous on social media

Social media has come to stay in our lives and these young men and women mostly between 23-35 have a strong influence on fashion, travel, lifestyle and entertainment.

With lofty and profound projects, they’re constantly on the lips of many as they seek to become business leaders and social influencers.

Despite their wealth, business drive, and benevolence, most have been accused of involving in unscrupulous activities to fund their lifestyles but without solid proof.

Whatever the case may be these young people are definitely living the good life and have moved from grass to grace.

In no particular order, meet the movers and shakers of Ghanaian social media space with their monies.

The exciting life of Dulcie Boateng, owner of the Female Plug and other businesses could make a good script for an award-winning series.

Boateng has a degree in Human Resource Management from Wisconsin University and has worked as a bottle girl at Club Onyx as well as several roles as a promo girl.

Her well-toned body coupled with her jet-set life and fashionable clothes could make any of the Kardashian sisters insecure.

Dulcie Boateng is the poster child for the 21st Century social media ‘rich kid’ with so much at her disposal.

Naa Amerley Tetteh according to her is a Snapchat Influencer.

Naa first came to the public eye in 2010 when she broke the Covid safety directives and threw a surprise birthday party for her bestfriend Dulcie.

In spite of several disclaimers about her status as a celebrity in Ghana, Naa is widely seen as a Ghanaian celebrity/socialite whiles others refer to her as a Slay Queen.

Nana Mitch and Schardo Mitch

Ghanaian Snapchat lens creators

The Mitch twins have evolved into one of the buzziest social media breakouts.

Schardo Mitch and his twin brother founded Schardo TV, an entertainment page meant to provide some comic relief to social media users.

The two have never been out of sync since then, with Schardo Mitch embracing his passion as a creative director, film director, fashion stylist and creative influencer

Angela first came to the public eye in 2020 after she accused a businessman known as Mr Jeff of rape.

Khukie’s accusation first appeared on social media on Monday, October 26, 2020, when a friend of hers called out Too Much Money.

After this whole situation died down , Angela turned all that fame into influencing which has proven to be a success with the type of money she flaunts.

Lifestyle influencer and CEO of Olisto bar and bakery

The lifestyle influencer has shown Ghana that one can live a wealthy life with social media money.

She has since been active in the space of lifestyle influencing and content creation, traveling to a host of countries: Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Togo, Dubai, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey (you name it), sending her miles away from her native town of Takoradi.

Outside the limelight, Olivia has an educational history which spans both Ghana and Nigeria and is an alumna of the University of Ghana.

Whether you are a TikTok subscriber or not, you probably would have heard of Asantewaa, a young lady who brought smiles on many faces during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

She has since then not left the spotlight as she continues to warm many hearts with her creativity through her content each day.

Interestingly, Asantewaa claims she is the ‘Salt’ of the Ghanaian music industry and without her no musicians song will hit.

TikTok Star and Life style influencer

Wesley kesse’s popularity started since the boom of social media apps such as Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram. He has become a household name in Ghana due to his style, modelling gigs, rib-cracking content and punditry on entertainment topics.

Wesley Kesse serves as an influencer for brands in Ghana. He is a brand ambassador for some companies in Ghana and so it’s no surprise if he flaunts his wealth all up in their faces.

A 20-year-old Ghanaian woman, known as Quitachie on TikTok and YouTube, has taken social media by storm with her videos offering a glimpse into her daily life living independently in Ghana.

The dbee’s lavish lifestyle as a social media ‘rich kid’ precedes her identity as a social media influencer. Just like the others, she is notorious in showing off her luxious house and wealth.

Kojo Forex is a young entrepreneur and forex trader from Ghana who has become an inspiration to many in his country and beyond. He was born and raised in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, and developed an interest in trading at a young age.

Kojo Forex’s rise in the forex trading world has been nothing short of meteoric. In just a few short years, he has accumulated substantial wealth, achieving a level of prosperity that has made him a household name in forex trading.

Owner of fashion and betting firms, Enokay is prominent for his lavish lifestyles, home and cars.

It is known that he spent thousands of cedis purchasing his father and sweetheart brand-new cars.

The betting tipster made headlines when he was photographed with an his Toyota Supra.

A few bloggers and internet clients claimed that the new toy cost him $45,000. However, in a meeting, he revealed the actual expense stating that it was valued at $75k.

He claims he amassed this massive wealth through sports betting and that’s how he bought a brand new Toyota Supra.

Enokay attends the University of Ghana, Legon, he is a level 400 Political Science student.

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