‘Queen of Snapchat’ Dulcie Boateng says her parents divorced when she made money

“They divorced when I made money because I moved my mother out of the house,” Dulcie told Deloris Frimpong Manso on The Delay Show, aired on March 9, 2024.

According to her, upon attaining financial independence, she relocated from Asylum Down to Agbogba, both suburbs of Accra. Given the circumstances, her mother joined her and never went back to her husband.

“I rented, my mum was coming in to check on us [myself and my little brother] at Agbogba,” Dulcie said. “My mum and my dad were having issues… When I returned from Singapore, she came to me and never went back to my father at Asylum Down.”

Dulcie said she started making money in 2017. She mentioned that it all started following the demise of her sister.

“My sister died and I was so depressed, I was broken. I wanted to get out of the house. I wanted to do something so that I wouldn’t be bored; just to take my mind off a bit,” she said.

“I told my brother I wanted to sell. It was a coping mechanism; I didn’t start to sell for money, I started to sell to get my mind off my sister. Basically, anything I laid my hands on, I sold.

“It wasn’t a breakthrough… my first ten thousand cedis… I hadn’t seen cash up to two thousand cedis before. I got my first ten thousand cedis from Snapchat from the sunglasses, bags, shoes and tops I was selling,” Dulcie added.

Now an independent woman, Dulcie, who has experienced both hardship and joy, believes that without money, happiness is merely a facade.

Poverty to me was being unable to afford basic things that you desire. Riches is happiness in wealth. If you have the money and you’re not happy, I don’t think it’s rich,” she said.

“After everything I’ve experienced, the kind of things I like cost money, so, I don’t know if that [happiness without money] is possible right now. [Without money] I don’t think I’ll be as happy as I am now. But I know how to be content…” she added.

Dulcie Boateng is known as one of the biggest Snapchat influencer in Ghana.

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