Lawyer wants Supreme Court to sentence Chief Justice and 2 others to prison

The suit, filed on February 26, 2024, accuses the GLC, the CJ, and the Judicial Secretary of unlawfully directing courts not to grant Gyeabour an audience. Gyeabour argues that this directive infringed upon his legal rights and seeks judicial intervention to rectify the situation.

The plaintiff is petitioning the court to hold the respondents accountable for their actions. Specifically, he demands that the CJ, as the head of the judiciary and chairman of the GLC, along with the Judicial Secretary and the GLC itself, be imprisoned for their alleged contemptuous conduct.

The motion for contempt, filed by Edward Sam Crabbe of Crabbe, Crabbe & Co., legal counsel for Gyeabour, outlines the grave nature of the accusations. It requests the court to impose sanctions on the respondents for their contempt of the Superior Courts of the Republic of Ghana, including the Supreme Court. Additionally, the motion calls for the respondents to cease any efforts to revoke Gyeabour’s solicitors’ license, as detailed in the accompanying affidavit.

In part, the motion reads: “MOTION ON NOTICE by EDWARD SAM CRABBE of CRABBE, CRABBE & CO., Counsel for and on behalf of the applicant herein praying the Honourable Court to commit and sentence the respondents herein to prison for contempt of the Superior Courts of the Republic of Ghana including this Honorable Court and for the Respondents to purge themselves of the contempt by refraining from any acts or attempts to revoke applicant’s solicitors’ license upon the grounds stated in the accompanying affidavit and for such further orders (s) as the court may deem fit.”

This case will undoubtedly draw significant attention from legal experts and observers alike, as it raises critical questions about the conduct of judicial authorities in Ghana.

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