Dos and don’ts of supporting Muslims during Ramadan

It’s officially Ramadan season and that means a lot of Muslims will be fasting. How can you show up for them?

Here’s how to support your friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Fruits are a great way to be energized and well-nourished while fasting. Ask them if it’s okay to buy them fruits. Then go to a fruit stall and buy a fruit basket for your muslim friends, neighbours and colleagues. You can also cook or order food for them.

When your Muslim friends are fasting, they can be around food and even watch you eat. You make it awkward whenever you make a big deal of the fact that they can’t eat and you can.

There are many reasons why they might eat during Ramadan, don’t be the fasting police if you see any of your Muslim friends eating. They might have health or personal reasons for doing so.

Many Muslims would love to observe their five-times prayers. Supporting your Muslim colleagues during this period means allowing them to pray by not scheduling meetings during prayer times.

It’s not funny to make fun of the fact that they are fasting or say things like, ‘I bet you want to eat the chicken I am eating, but you can’t because you are fasting’. It’s an inconsiderate joke.

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