Health Ministry to collaborate with Finance Ministry to accelerate clearance for unemployed nurses

The coalition has been vocal about its dissatisfaction with the government, MoH, and MoF for perceived delays in granting financial clearance and providing permanent employment for trained healthcare professionals.

Mr. Ofei urged the nurses to exercise patience, emphasizing the Ministry’s efforts to address the backlog and facilitate the recruitment process, and highlighted the need for clearance from medical doctors and dentists who have completed their training.

“The Ministry has recruited a lot of nurses and has created a lot of backlogs. There have been several recruitments that the ministry has done. We need clearance from medical doctors, and dentists who have completed, so we have been working to clear them,” Ofei stated.

He also disclosed that Chief Director Alhaji Hafiz has called for an urgent meeting between the Ministry and the Ministry of Finance to explore ways to expedite the process.

The meeting is expected to take place on Monday, providing an opportunity to discuss and resolve the challenges faced by unemployed nurses.

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