Guy stabs his girlfriend death after catching her in bed with another man

A male Kenyan university student has reportedly stabbed his girlfriend to death after catching her in bed with another man.

According to sources, the male student travelled all the way from Juja to Meru late Monday night with the intention of surprising his girlfriend who’s also a university student on her birthday.

He arrived in Meru early Tuesday morning to shower his girlfriend with money and gifts but however, he carried a knife in his innerwear.

Guy stabs his girlfriend death after catching her in bed with another man

Unfortunately, he found the girlfriend in her hostel having fun with another man after a night of partying to celebrate her birthday.

This consequently led to a hot argument that forced him to retrieve his knife from his boxer to stab his girlfriend in the neck, chest and stomach, killing her instantly.

Check out some of the comments gathered under the sad story…

@LoveLadyBird_ – This lady is likely that she had ghosted his boyfriend from Jkuat during the partying. Then in the morning, she would text him “beb I slept early” Long distance relationships works so long as the 4 of you are happy

@Goddie_Ke – Long distance campus relationships hukua kuvumiliana. The jkuat comrade showing up to surprise got surprised. Kutembelea your partner without prior informing them expect anything

@AllanObare4 – Long distance relationship is not for the faint hearted

@GlazzersOUT – How do comrades sustain this mapenzi thing on such a tight HELB budget? Comrades should only engage in tabia mbaya and desist from this nonsense of love and instead focus purely on studies.


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