Popular TikToker jailed for 15 years for selling ‘koti denden aduro’

Popular Ghanaian Tiktoker known as Chikkle One on social media has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for selling penis enlargement drugs.

According to reports, Chikkle One was arrested 3 weeks ago after the FDA trapped her.

As narrated by a friend, a disguised FDA official and police officer ordered one of Chikle One’s products and insisted on meeting them personally.

Unknowingly, it was a set-up for her to get arrested for selling sexual performance-enhancement drugs that have not been approved and vetted by the FDA.

Popular TikToker jailed for 15 years for selling 'koti denden aduro'

After her arrest, she was sent to court and pleaded guilty to all the charges that were levelled against her.

The judge sentenced her to 15 years imprisonment but gave her one condition – That is to pay a Ghc 90,000 fine and be set free.

At the moment, friends and loved ones of Chikle One have started raising funds on TikTok to meet the Ghc90,000 fine.

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