Fresh details about the viral Kwadaso SDA nursing training students’ atopa video pops up

For three days now, two Kwadaso SDA nursing training freshers have been trending on the internet after their atopa video got leaked online by a colleague.

According to reports, the explicit video was inadvertently leaked after one of the individuals involved handed her phone over to a colleague for repairs.

Unknowingly to her, the blackmailer discreetly copied the video from the device and subsequently approached the female student with a sinister demand.

The extortionist demanded GHs5,000 from the young woman and threatened to release the compromising video if she failed to comply.

Ghanaians react to the trending atopa video of Kwadaso SDA nursing training students

Trapped in a distressing predicament, the female student found herself unable to meet the blackmailer’s financial demands.

Struggling to gather such a substantial sum, she faced the daunting prospect of having her personal life exposed to the world.

Regrettably, despite her best efforts, the video was ultimately released online, leading to significant repercussions for both her and her boyfriend.

According to a fresh report by a famous Ghanaian TikToker, information plus videos she has gathered from different sources confirms that it was the lady who recorded the act.

Contrary to the earlier reports that the young man was the one who forced the lady to record the videos – This new information suggests otherwise.

Apparently, the guy is naive whiles the lady is a ‘hardcore’ girl – Hence, it’s even assumed she’s the one who initiated the whole sexual encounter.

Watch the video below to know more…


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