Moment heartbroken mourners followed tiny pink coffin as 2-yr-old who died in suspected murder is buried

The funeral of Maya Louise Chappell, who died aged just two (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)
The funeral of Maya Louise Chappell, who died aged just two (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

Heartbroken loved ones followed the tiny pink coffin of a two-year-old who died in a suspected murder.

Maya Louise Chappell was airlifted to hospital in a critical condition after an incident at a home in Milton Grove, County Durham on September 28.

Despite the best efforts of medics she died two days later in intensive care at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.

In the aftermath of her death, 26-year-old Michael Daymond was charged with her murder and is due to stand trial next year.

But at her funeral held on Friday, November 4, mourners followed little Maya’s tiny pink casket in the heart breaking service.

Hush fell over those gathered in the church courtyard as the coachman brought the carriage carrying her small pink coffin to a halt.

Family and friends of Maya wept as the two-year-old’s casket was carefully lifted and carried by four pallbearers.

Maya’s loved ones, as requested by her father, James Chappell, wore pink, Maya’s favourite colour, as part of more traditional mourning clothing.

He himself wore a pink tie as his baby daughter was carried into the church.

Her small pink coffin was carried during the service as family and friends wept ( Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

Earlier in the day, before the service, her father posted a moving message to his daughter on social media.

He wrote: “I love you so much Maya Louise Chappell, so does all your family.

“You’ll be sat with your grandma and our Brooklyn and all the rest and I know you’re in good hands so this isn’t a goodbye forever baby girl, just a goodbye for now.

Maya’s loved ones wore pink at the request of the youngster’s father ( Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

“I’ll see you again someday and I’ll make everything up to you.

“Until we meet again little girl.”

Father John Bagnall, during the service, said: “The sad part is that everyone’s story ends at some point.

A horse drawn carriage carries the tiny pink coffin ( Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

“Even when death comes quite naturally and at the end of a long and full life we are never really prepared for that kind of ending.

“It is more difficult still when we lose a loved one suddenly and at a very young age – as is the case today as we gather at the funeral service of Little Maya, only two years old.

“We are left with an even greater sense of loss – trying to come to terms With a precious life cut short. Naturally we ask, why did this happen?

“There is a tendency for some people to say, ‘it must be the will of God’. Let us be perfectly clear God did not want this to happen to Maya.”

Music during the service included Concrete Angel by Martina McBride, Diamonds by Rihanna and Fly by Celine Dion.

Father Bagnall added: “Your memories of Maya will help you.

“You will remember the sound of Maya’s laughter, the sound of her voice and You will remember the happy and the funny memories too.

“These memories will help to keep Maya’s presence alive in your hearts.”

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