Leave GH¢4,000 behind for caskets before your death


Prices of coffins and caskets in the Ashanti region have increased due to economic hardships in the country.

As a result, a bereaved family head said in an interview with Unique News shared his frustration with the price hike and decided to back home with options for his family members.

“I will discuss with my family to adopt the Muslim method. We would get a metal coffin that can be reused whenever a family member dies because I bought one recently at GH¢1,200, but it is GH¢3,000 today.”

The interviewer asked what the next action would be if his family members reject his option. The family head said, “then they will have to save about GH¢4,000 for the coffin before they die. But if you don’t have that money, we will use what we have for your burial.”

According to a report by SVTV Africa’s Eye Witness Report, casket sellers and manufacturers increased their prices because of a hike in the price of materials used for the caskets.

“Currently, the caskets which were sold at Ghc1,500 are now sold at GHS2,500 while others sold at GH¢2,500 are now GHS4,000. Due to the economic hardship, we no longer accept any part payment for these caskets because the prices of materials keep changing, and we don’t want to run at a loss,” Ato, manager of God’s way Casket Shop, said.

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