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An aspirant to the Eastern regional chairmanship race of the NDC, Mr William Kwame Atamudzi, has promised to increase the parliamentary seats of the party in the region, if elected.

He has also pledged to increase the presidential votes of the party come 2024, if elected.

In a five bulletin thematic areas outlining his vision, Mr Atamudzi said he is bent on protecting the current eight seats of the party and adding more .

Below are the five thematic areas he spelt out .

(1) INCREASING PARLIAMENTARY SEATS AND PRESIDENTIAL VOTING MARGIN: To increase the NDC’s Presidential votes in the Region, Protecting our Parliamentary seats and adding on to our 8 seats in Parliament. (Add realistic examples of seats we can win) To achieve this feat, William Kwame Atamudzi  aspires to lead a party where individuals, irrespective of gender, religious background, ethnicity or race will be brought together to work efficiently towards the needed results.*

2. ELECTION DAY SECURITY AND RESULTS COLLATION: To Provide a Reliable Rapid Internal Security to help police our ballots, assisting our folks on the ground to remain vigilant and to protect lives of Comrades working for the party on election day. To ensure a reliable Results collation system that would ensure our votes reach is on time. A mechanism would but put in place to ensure that details  of  results and Results declaration sheets(pink sheets) are within reach of the party 4 hours after closure of polls. We would have our results already with us before stepping into the Collation Centre.*

3. REWARD FOR LOYALTY, WELFARE & APPOINTMENTS: To Provide a befitting and equitable reward system for Constituency Executive Members, creating  sustainable support systems and opportunities for members; to provide a working Welfare scheme that places value on hard-work  and loyalty to the party. Appointments will be based on merit. Atamudzi will ensure all appointees to the Constituencies must come from those Constituencies and stop the era of  filling in positions with persons coming from outside the Constituency. Example. An MCE/DCE must be the one who has struggled with party folks to win power and must known within the Constituency. He/She must have contributed to merit the position.*

4. MAKING THE NDC ATTRACTIVE: Provide Strength and Recognition to Party Structures, thus recognizing the importance of the various Wings of the party and identifying their  unique roles in other that each unit of the party functions effectively to the benefit of the party.  Atamudzi does not want to  encounter individual office holders operating in areas not within their domain. Atamudzi would support all programs logistically and financially to make the NDC attractive so that we can get the needed votes.*

5. LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT AND RESOURCE ALLOCATION:  Atamudzi as Chairman, will provide the Needed resources that will help mobilize the needed votes towards victory 2024. Party property and logistics would need a proper record keeping as to which office holders are keeping which property of the party. In addition, Atamudzi would ensure proper and periodic maintenance of party assets and also facilitate the prudent distribution of “Election day Resources”

“Under my auspices as regional Chairman, Former MMDCE’s, Former Appointees/Ministers and Founding fathers as well as all stakeholders will be brought together to work for power and have them rewarded equally, no one will be left out”, he promised.

“Together, we shall work together to construct a party office for the region whereas renting of party office will be a thing of the past”, he added.

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