“Being employed now is more like a punishment”- Paschal Kaba

Mr. Paschal Kaba, Labour Consultant.


A Labour Consultant, Mr. Paschal Kaba, has revealed that being employed under the current economic hardship is more like a punishment.

According to the Labour Consultant, the average worker needs more money than what they earn each month to enable them to perform their duties regularly at work.

Mr. Kaba said this on the GTV Breakfast Show on Monday, 7th November 2022 when contributing to the topic: “Mitigating Economic Hardship on Workers Economic hardship: Is working from home an option?

He is, therefore, calling on the government, Chief Executives Officers, and business owners to adopt strategies that will bring some form of relief to the working class.

Mr. Kaba has, however, cautioned that the economic situation in the Sub-Sahara African region is going to get more precarious in the weeks ahead and that it is going to become more difficult for workers to cope.

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