Issues of loss and damage to dominate discussions at UN Climate Summit in Egypt


By: Oforiwa Darko

Egypt is hosting more than 45,000 registered COP27 participants representing Parties, UN and regional organizations, businesses, the scientific community, indigenous and local communities and Civil Society to jointly enhance and accelerate the implementation of climate action and follow up on collective commitments and pledges.

Ahead of COP 27 in Sharma El Sheikh, also labelled unofficially as “Implementation COP”, African Civil Society Organizations, CSOs under the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, PACJA, have issued demands they expect to be addressed at this year’s Climate Summit meeting.

Topical among the issues are financing adaptation; loss and damage, honoring climate finance pledges, participation and inclusion matters for a successful COP27. Announcing this at a side event in Sharma El Sheikh, the African Civil Society Organization called for efforts that will advance transitions and technology transfer to be given priority at this year’s COP.

The Executive Director of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), Dr Mithika Mwenda said that it behoves delegates to be intentional about their call for action and also focus on how they can see projects in different countries, especially Africa materialize.

“As Africans, issues we have highlighted and placed before the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC Secretariat will determine the fate of the Climate Summit which will held in Egypt”.

According to the Chairperson of Africa Group of Negotiators, AGN, Mr. Ephraim Shitima, AGN is well briefed from its interaction with the CSOs and other stakeholders about the African agenda at COP.

“After several meetings in Zambia, Ethiopia and Egypt, we are certain that Africans are of one voice now to help address climate change issues from the African perspective. This underscores the urgent need recognition Africa needs as a continent with special needs and circumstances”.

Financing of adaptation and loss and damage in Africa should not be sidelined,” Shitima further noted.

Professor Seth Osafo, the Legal Advisor to the Africa Group of Negotiators noted that COP 27 comes amid growing calls for rich countries to compensate climate-vulnerable nations as it becomes harder for many people to live safely on a warming planet.

Reparations, sometimes referred to as “loss and damage” payments, are likely to dominate proceedings at COP27, with diplomats from more than 130 countries expected to push for the creation of a dedicated loss and damage finance facility.

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