Ghana can reveal its Christlike living through music

Founder of the Salt and Light Music Ministry (SLMM), Reverend Dr Joyce Rosalind Aryee, has said Ghana can portray its religious character through music.

According to her, music is an essential factor in the lives of people because most people are influenced by music.

“Ghana can reveal its Christlike living when we have music that speaks to that inner core of our faith and that’s what I am doing with Harmonious Chorale,” she said.

“One of the ways in which people get most affected is through music,” she added.

Speaking at the 15th-anniversary concert by Harmonious Chorale Ghana last Sunday, Reverend Joyce indicated that most people easily adapt to music as compared to the word of God.

“When you go to church, you will know that a lot of people will go home humming the songs and the hymns more than remembering the sermon because good Christian music is also a sermon by itself,” Dr Aryee noted.

She further advised the public to practice and live a religious life and not just talk about it.


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“We shouldn’t just talk about being religious, we should live like that,” she said.

“Many of us are living lives of hopelessness and think we cannot do anything because we are not the leaders, and I believe that with the right kind of music touching our hearts, we will feel strengthened that no one is useless,” she added.

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