True love is dead in this era

Big Brother Naija star, Kim Opara, better known as KimOprah, has explained why she still remains without a man to call her own.

She said that she wants to fall in love and be genuinely happy in a relationship devoid of toxic behaviour but there is an issue with the present society.

Taking to her social media page, KimOprah noted that the reason it can’t happen is because true love is dead.

”I just wanna be in love and happy. Like true love, no toxicity but true companionship.

Love is dead in this era unfortunately.”

When a fan tried to lecture her by suggesting that she’s not search for ‘the one’ properly, the BBNaija 2019 ex-housemate replied;

”I laugh when someone says you looking in the wrong places. That sentence is so flawed. Is there a mall to go shopping for a partner? Lol, please.”

Meanwhile, a young South African lady has berated Nigerian girls for being largely materialistic and commodifying love.

She said that most of them would not love a guy unless he lavishes his money on them by way of gift-giving, nice dates and credit alerts.

According to her, the case is different for South African ladies as they genuinely love a guy without thinking about his financial status.

She state that they do not pretend or hide their feeling when they like a guy as they boldly tell hm about it with the hope that he accepts them.

The pretty lady said that she observed most Nigerian ladies look down on an admirer who does not have money whereas in South Africa, they do not care whether he is rich or not because what they feel for him is not influenced by material things.

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