Moment Poco Lee forced Yhemolee to enter night club by carrying him like babe (Video)

Nigerian dancer and hypeman, Poco Lee has been captured on tape playfully forcing a friend and colleague, Yhemolee to go to a night club.

He had reportedly driven the singer to a club to have fun because it was learnt that he does not like clubbing.

However, as they reached the location, Yhemolee refused to go into the venue, so Poco was forced to carry him with his two hands.

A video making the rounds online shows Poco Lee carrying him into the building like he would normally carry a lady friend.

Another friend in the background could be heard encouraging the celebrity dancer to force the musician to enter the club, while another was laughing.

However, as they reached the litup entrance to the building, Poco eventually let him down.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported that the dance enthusiast earlier secured the release of a group of young men who were arrested by men of the Lagos state police.

A video shared by one of the boys showed when Poco Lee intervened as the officers were about to whisk them to the station on Wednesday night.

The celebrity dancer was said to have been driving by when he saw the police men arresting the youths and he decided to alight to find out what was happening.

It was gathered that the incident happened in Lagos Island and the policemen were attached to the Island division.

Poco could be seen pleading with the policemen to release the boys who were excited that he came to their aid.

He then asked them to get into the car so they can be taken home. Also, the young men hailed Poco Lee for his timely intervention.

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