If you keep supporting failure, we’ll be buying food with wheelbarrow of money soon

Nigerian Hip Hop artiste, Erhiga Agarivbie, popularly known as Erigga, has warned his countrymen to stop supporting failed governments and leaders.

He issued the warning while speaking on the weakening value of the naira which now exchanges for over N900 to $1 at the black market.

Erigga said if Nigerians continue to support the failure of the government, then a time will soon come when everyone will be going to the market with wheelbarrow of money to buy food items.

Such is the case in Venezuela where residents buy a loaf of bread with no less 10 bundles of Venezualan Bolivar.

The rapper stated this through his official Twitter account on 3rd of November 2022 while expressing concerns over the decision-making abilities of citizens.

Erigga wrote; ”Very soon na wheel barrow of money we go dey roll go market go buy watin we go take cook stew dey there dey support this failure 😒”

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Meanwhile, the online philosopher, earlier accused the APC-led Federal Government for causing Nigerians hardship-induced trauma.

He said that every citizen of Nigeria is suffering from PTSD as a result of the current administration’s actions and inactions.

Erigga stated this in a tweet on Tuesday, October 11, noting that people are however not willing to have discussions about the situation.

He tweeted; ”Every Nigerian is suffering from ptsd from this government but nobody is ready for this discussions.

In an earlier tweet, he said that the number of hungry people in the country is far more than those who can afford to fee.

”People when never chop still plenty pass those when don chop today for this country,” he said.

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