Young man beaten, robbed again by thieves that invited him to buy back his stolen laptop

A South African man, Zweli Thixo, has found himself falling victim to theft twice within a short period of time.

His laptop was earlier stolen by some thieves who were compassionate enough to send him an email containing some vital documents.

In the email which was sent to him with his laptop, the robbers revealed that they discovered the research proposal he was working on, and out of pity, it was attached.

”They stole my laptop last night and they sent me an email using my email, I have mixed emotions now.😩”

However, hours later, Zweli said that he got in touch with the thieves and offered to buy back the laptop from them, they reached an agreement and he was given a location to meet them.

Zweli added; ”As advised by the comments that I should try to buy the laptop back from the person, I managed to convince them. We meeting up today around 12:00.”

He gave an update after meeting them and disclosed that they beat him mercilessly. Unknown to him, it was a trap which they planned to use to lure him and steal his personal properties.

The young man said his R5,000 and phone were taken and he shared a photo of his badly bruised face.

”Back and safe but not okay. It was a trap they gave me a beating and took the R5k and my phone. If it wasn’t the taxi driver that decided to stop when he saw the situation it would have been worse than this. NEVER take advice on the internet. ✌💔”

See his post:

Meanwhile, another South African man identified as Mfundo Ngcobo recently shared his encounter with a thief who unsuccessfully attempted to steal from him.

He revealed that he beat up the man when he jumped into his car and made moves to snatch his phone.

Mfundo shared a photo and video of the suspected thief after he was beaten mercilessly.

The hoodlum was being interrogated by other persons in the video but he looked defeated and devastated with injuries on his body.

He wrote; ‘‘Just saw another video of a friend in a Sasol garage whose phone was snatched the perpetrators got into a car fled.”

”Happened to me today at While going to get Something at the BP garage in Parktown @UR_home_ and guess what happened to the person that snatched my phone 😊”

The young man added; ”Someone tried to snatch my phone and jump into a car and I beat him up so nicely 😊”

Mixed reactions greeted his post as some netizens stated that Mfundo did not do enough while others hailed him.

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