Solomon Buchi relocates to UK as he becomes British citizen

Popular Nigerian life coach, Solomon Buchi has taken to social media to rejoice after getting his British citizenship.

The controversial influencer revealed that he’s received his British passport and has already left the shores of Nigeria.

Solomon shared a photo of the passport on October 2 and bid farewell to his motherland, while telling everyone to take care.

”Nigeria, the evil you’ve done is enough. Take care,” he wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the relationship adviser has already landed in London, UK and is settling in to his new environment.

He posted a photo of his new neighbourhood when it was raining and asked if rain was also falling in Nigeria at the same time.

He wrote; ”Which kind of rain is this in London? Omo. Is it raining in Nigeria?”

See his post:

In other news a Nigerian man reportedly landed in trouble in Australia after he refused to date a woman he promised to be in a relationship with.

According to Facebook user, Daniel Chukwuemeka, the affected man wooed the lady with the intention of only having intimate relations but he made her believe that he wanted them to date.

When they met after few days of talking and he got wanted he wanted and decided to renege on their agreement.

Daniel said she reported the guy to the police and he was invited for questioning over breach of agreement.

He could not defend himself because there were screenshots of their chat and it is a punishable offence to violate a relationship agreement in the country, even if they are not married.

The affected man tried to get other Nigerians to speak in his defence but no one agreed because they did not want to ruin their plans to get permanent residency.

The post reads in part; ”A Nigerian brother is in trouble. He promised to date an oyibo lady whereas the only thing he wanted was knks. So, after a few days of talking and meeting, brother kn***d twice (only) within a day and decided to clean mouth. But the lady reported him to the police and accused him of breach of partnership agreement…”

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