Man who won $30m lottery wears cartoon costume to hide identity from wife and kid

A Chinese man won $30 million lottery jackpot and ensured he kept his identity a secret when he went to collect the money.

He wore a yellow bird cartoon costume to the cash prize presentation ceremony in Guangxi because he did not want his family to know he won such a huge amount

According to Daily Loud, when he was asked to explain why he did that, the man said he said it was to specifically prevent his wife and kid from being lazy as a result of his new status as a multi-millionaire.

The publication shared a photo of the lottery winner receiving a large cheque for $30 million in his cartoon costume.

”A man won a $30 Million lottery jackpot, when he went to get the money he wore a yellow costume to keep his identity secret. When asked why, he said that he wanted to keep his prize a secret from his wife and child… saying he was worried that the money might make them lazy,” Daily Loud wrote.

In related content, a Nigerian man has become an overnight millionaire after he won big through sports betting.

The lucky lad is said to have used N800 to play Bet9ja and won a whopping N38 million (Thirty-Eight Million Naira).

A video making the rounds online shows the moment a crowd gathered at the betting centre to confirm the news for themselves.

On checking the screen at the centre, it showed that the man, who is yet to be identified, won a total of N38,317,130.

Also, the crowd which consisted of many young girls followed the new millionaire as he went to the Mosque to pray.

They could be heard hailing him as he did ablution and focused on praying, not minding that all eyes were on him.

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