Lady dumps boyfriend after he got sacked for stealing from his company to sponsor her

A man reportedly lost on two fronts by getting sacked from his job for a criminal act and losing his girlfriend for whom he carried out the crime.

He defrauded his company of N2 million (Two million naira) and used the money to sponsor his girlfriend’s trip to Dubai with her friends.

When he was discovered, the company sacked him and subsequently, his girlfriend broke up with him.

Photojournalist, Pooja Media, who shared the story on Twitter revealed that the girl moved on to a senator and she is enjoying life.

He wrote; ”You went to do fraud of N2m in your company cos your girlfriend wanted to go to Dubai with her friends, got sacked & the babe moved on to a better life with a Senator, chopping her like Korede Spaghetti. Lessons…”

In other relationship news, a young Nigerian lady has broken up with her boyfriend for not showing her enough care and affection.

Her sister shared a video online which captured the moment she was lashing out at her man over the phone.

The girlfriend stated that she is tired of the relationship because she has tried her best to adjust but she can no longer cope.

She berated him for being more focused on chasing money than having time for the woman in his life.

She lamented about how she is unable to sleep at night because she’s thinking of him and the way he treats her whereas he sleeps soundly and wakes up the next day to quickly go in search of money again.

The lady then said that he should carry the wristwatch she bought for him when he’s going to play football so that when she sees him, she will collect it back.

All the while she was baring her heart out, the sister was in the background eating and making some funny facial expressions.

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