Policewoman shows bodily injuries after being brutalised by senior officer for rejecting his advances (Video)

A female police officer identified as Olorunsogo Bamidele, has cried out for justice after she was allegedly brutalised by a senior officer, ASP Ajayi Matthew.

She is an Inspector serving at the Osun State Police command, and attached to the Ode-Omu Divisional headquarters.

In a video making the rounds online, Inspector Bamidele showed cuts and bruises all over her body with her torn police uniform.

The policewoman, who is married, accused the Divisional Crime Officer of sexual harassment because she turned down his advances.

Amid tears in the video, the policewoman said he has been using his position to intimidate, blackmail and threatened to sack her if she refuses to accept his love advances.

Inspector Bamidele said; “He started beating me, to the extent that he naked (sic) me. Look at my chest, my hands, everywhere injured. Mr. Ajayi Mathew.”

When asked why the senior colleague assaulted her, she said, “I don’t know because he asked me out, that I should befriend him, I said no, I’m a married woman, I cannot befriend you. He started blackmailing me; saying he is the one befriending me, which is not true.

“My right hand was there. Two Constables and 10 civilians; after doing that, he went inside and carried a dane gun and said he wanted to gun me down. The civilians had to take me out of the office and said I should run away but I said no. If he wants to kill me, he should kill me. Help me. Assist me. Ajayi wants to kill me. Ode-Omu Division.”

Watch the video below:

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