Water shortage hits parts of Kadjebi

Water shortage hits parts of Kadjebi


Residents of Tadzewu Kpodzi, Martin Kordzi and Asato, all suburbs of Kadjebi, have not had their taps flowing with water for two weeks now.

The absence of water has compelled residents to resort to the use of unhygienic water sources from ponds and gutters for washing, bathing and for other domestic uses.

Mr. Mawuli Agbeve, an Electrical Operator of Kadjebi Water Company told the Ghana News Agency (GNA), that the exact cause of the problem was not ascertained but they suspected a blockage of a pipeline somewhere.

He said checks in some parts of the affected areas yielded no result, but the company was working to diagnose the cause of the problem.

Mr. Yakubu Iddrisu Abubakar, an Administrator of Kadjebi Water Company, said they would continue to examine the system to rectify the problem, but gave no timelines.

Ms Regina Agbodzi, a resident of Martin Kordzi told GNA that the relevance of the resource could not be overemphasized, but unfortunately, they lacked it.

She said: “Water affects everything, when there is available water within the reach of people; it reduces the time spent by women and children looking for water.”

Ms Agbodzi said the absence of water the past two weeks is likely to bring diarrhoea, typhoid fever and other water related illnesses since they were depending on unhygienic water sources for domestic use.

She appealed to the authorities to help resolve the water crisis in the affected areas.


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