Nigerian man rejects his girlfriend’s bestie who offered her body to him (Video)

A Nigerian man has been subjected to a loyalty test by his girlfriend with the help of her bestfriend and he passed it much to her surprise.

It was part of a game planned by a content creator who asked the girl to allow her bestie shoot her shot at her boyfriend.

They put a call across to the guy and the bestie told him over the phone that she loves him, and she wants him all to herself.

He was shocked that she spoke in that manner to him, so he asked if she was drunk or if something was wrong.

She pushed harder and even offered herself to him, saying she was willing to visit him and show him what he was missing.

He declined and reminded her that she was his girlfriend’s bestie. He wondered why his babe was moving with someone who wanted to snatch her man.

The guy who seemed irritated, cautioned her never to say such things to him again as he concluded by saying that he will pretend that what she told him are jokes.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a young lady went online to allege that her close friend bathed her with acid simply because of a man.

She said her bestie’s boyfriend was toasting her and the lady got to find out, so she decided to make her facially unappealing.

The victim shared a video of her partly burnt face and revealed that the incident happened just hours before she came online to narrate what happened.

A follower asked how she is able to still be walk and do other activities just hours after the incident instead of being hospitalised.

She explained that her mum went to confront her bestfriend to find out what substance she bathed her daughter with.

”My friend poured me an acid because her boyfriend was toasting me,” she said.

The jealous friend revealed that it was bleach mixed with a bleaching oil and kerosene that she mixed together and poured on her face.

”My mum went to her place to as what she poured on my face, she said it is hypo, caro white oil with fuel mixed together,” the victim added.

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