Him fuel no dey ever finish

A Nigerian man has shared a funny video of him calling out his neighbour for living an unusually expensive lifestyle.

He suspects the neighour is either a rirualist or a cultist because the fuel in the generator never gets exhausted.

The angry guy could be seen going towards the man’s generator which was already on and he showed his neighbour’s fuel tank gauge which indicated that it was full.

According to baffled resident, he was about to put on his own generator for about 30 minutes whereas the other man runs his till day break.

He stressed that the guy must be a ritualist because he could not understand how he always has a full tank and runs the generator non-stop.

See the video below:

Meanwhile another video which made rounds on social media captured the moment a man was confronted by a group of men, one of which is reportedly the brother to his babe.

The loverboy and his girl were doing PDA on a deserted road but someone who was in a house spotted them.

However, their lovedup moment was cut short when her brother caught them on the road which happens to be along the path of an uncompleted building.

They were speaking inaudibly but it looks like the fierce-looking guys seemed to be making threat towards him and the girl was begging on his behalf.

He also pleaded his case as one of the gang members acted like they wanted to lay hands on him for being with their boss’ sister.

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