Greed made me cheat on my woman

Nigerian rap artiste, Ycee has revealed that only thing that pushes him to cheat in relationships.

The Jagaban hit maker said when he cheated on the woman he was dating, it was largely because of greed.

Ycee made this known while responding to a female Twitter user @dododabs who wondered why men often cheat.

She wrote; No but why do men love cheating so much? Is it a spiritual thing or what?

The rapper replied; ”Greed”

dododabs added; Nah this one has passed normal greed please. There has to be a deeper explanation w/ genetics and allat.

Ycee further explained that he was speaking about himself and not on a general note.

”I can only speak for myself tho. When I did it, it was greed,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, he earlier said that he longed for a time society will return to the period when women were not tolerant of unfaithful partners.

He said that ladies of nowadays are so okay with forgiving their man no matter how frequently he cheats.

”I wish we could go back to when the girlies didn’t take lightly to ni***z cheating on em … these days it’s all vibes and “as long as he comes home to me” I want better for my sisters,” Ycee wrote.

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