Deputy Communication Officer Aspirant outlines three main policies


By Edzorna Francis Mensah

The Deputy Volta Regional Communication Officer Aspirant, Edwin Kwame Amemasor, promised to implement a three pointed agendum when voted to make the NDC more attractive beyond the Region.

His first agenda, as promised, is to assist the Communicators with research-related matters; “this has been a nemesis for most of our Communicators.”

His second promise is to help the region set up a publicity team for the election of 2024, comprising the organizers, women organizers, the Zongo caucus coordinators, and the Communicators. We will be seen distributing party paraphernalia and leaflets in our markets, stores and lorry stations.

And, thirdly, he pledged to liaise with the incoming Chairman and MPs to find sustainable financing for all the Communicators.

According to him, the party is at a crossroads and needs bold and fearless Communicators like him to Communicate Party Manifestos for victory in the next election, as he recounted.

”Last four years, I contested the same position, but you didn’t see me as worthy of that post. You promised to give me a second chance if I remain loyal and patient in the course of the party. Here I am once again, with genuflection, asking for your vote to be the Deputy Volta Regional Communication Officer.”

Mr. Amemasor is the Founder and Leader of Scorpion Research and a Senior Tutor at Three Town Senior High School in the Ketu South Constituency of the Volta Region. He attended the University of Ghana Business School and read administration (Banking & Finance option).

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