Agberos stop man from jumping off bridge in Lagos (Watch video)

A young man has been saved from committing suicide by a group of area boys commonly referred to as agberos.

He attempted jumping off a bridge in Lagos and sent onlookers panicking and begging him not to do so.

In a video which surfaced online, the man was almost falling off the bridge when agberos hatched a plan to save him by distracting.

It was gathered that some of them found a way to climb the bridge without his knowledge and the others decided to distract him by throwing stones at him.

They began throwing stones which left him confused as to whether they wanted to save him or cause his death.

However, as he was looking down at the people stoning him, someone on the bridge then grabbed him from behind.

He was eventually pulled off the rails and taken back unto the bridge as bystanders and commuters screamed for joy.

Watch the video below:

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