‘There’s a reason God created 15 women for one man’

American musician and businessman, Akon has said that God has a reason for making the population of women to be more than men, such that there is a 15 to 1 ratio.

He stated this while speaking about African culture and the relationship between spirituality amongst men and women.

Akon, who appeared as a guest on The Morning Hustle show, said that in Africa, men are treated like kings, and it is a tradition which has been upheld for years.

The Konvict Music founder added that in the United States of America, it is seen more as a business relationship, without realising that there is a spiritual side to a man and woman’s union.

He said that though polygamy is being frowned at because a man takes many women, if every man decided to marry just one woman, then statistically it will be unfavourable to most women on earth as they would remain single for life going by the quoted ratio.

Watch him speak below:

Meanwhile, the business tycoon, earlier said that money brings more problems for a rich person than the comfort that’s expected.

The music executive stated this in a radio interview as he lamented about the challenges associated with having money.

According to the ‘Lonely’ hitmaker, money does not necessarily buy happiness as it largely depends on what makes one happy.

Akon also stated that people who have money do not have time as it makes you lose yourself and takes you away from your family.

He further explained that since money makes people unable to find time for their family, then that is no comfort.

Akon said, “Money brings you more problems than it brings comfort. You lose yourself. You can’t find time for your family. That’s no comfort.”

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